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Reco-Cool Multi-Fleet Pre-Diluted Coolant

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Reco-Cool Multi-Fleet Pre-Diluted Coolant

‘Ready-to-Use’ Water Based Coolant (pre-diluted) where non-glycol products are used for gasoline, diesel and marine engines

Reco-Cool Multi-Fleet Pre-Diluted Coolant is a light duty and heavy duty water based engine coolant already pre mixed and ready to use. It contains corrosion inhibitors to protect engine parts found in cooling systems of gasoline, diesel and marine engines. It is suitable for light duty automotive and heavy duty truck/bus & off road equipment as well as marine engine where water based coolant is used. Reco Cool Multi-Fleet PreDiluted Coolant is ready to use and requires no additional dilution with water.



Reco-Cool Multi-Fleet Pre-Diluted Coolant is formulated from Recochem’s proprietary organic additive technology (OAT). It is a nitrite, amine, phosphate and silicate-free (NAPS) engine coolant suitable for light duty automotive and heavy duty diesel engines found in marine, truck/bus and mining, construction & agricultural
equipment where a water based coolant is either specified or used.

Reco-Cool Multi-Fleet Pre-Diluted Coolant contains inhibitors to protect engine parts against corrosion, including cast iron, steel, copper, brass, solder and aluminium parts. It also provides excellent wet sleeve liner cavitation protection without the use of nitrites. The product is recommended for use in mixed fleets, gasoline and diesel, applications where a water based fluid may be used. As sold, it is ready for use – do not add water.

Performance Features and Benefits

  • Long life organic acid technology

In Petrol Engine applications, this product is suitable for use up to 5 years or 250,000km whichever comes first. In Diesel Engine applications, this product is suitable for use up to 500,000km or 6,000 hours.

  • Field compatibility

Reco-Cool Multi-Fleet Pre-Diluted Coolant is miscible and compatible with other similarly formulated OAT coolants.

  • Free from silicates, phosphates, borates, nitrites and amines (NAPS free)

No possibility for silicate gelation and related fallout issues.

  • Environmentally friendly

Product contains no ethylene glycol therefore non-toxic and the organic components are readily biodegradable.

Specifications and Approvals

Reco-Cool Multi-Fleet Pre-Diluted Coolant is recommended for use with the following engine coolant specifications:-
ASTM                                                           D3306 / D6210
BS                                                                6580
JIS                                                                K2234
CAT                                                              EC-1
Cummins                                                     CES 14603
Chrysler                                                       MS12106
Ford                                                             WSS-M97B44-D1/WSS-M97B51-A
GM                                                              1825M/1899M/6277M
Komatsu                                                      AFNAC
MAN                                                           324 NF
Mercedes                                                    MB 325.3/326.3
MTU                                                            MTL 5049
Renault                                                        Type D
VW/Audi                                                      TL-774 F
Nissan                                                          NES 5059 LLC
Peugeot                                                       B71 5110

Health & Safety

Guidance on Health and Safety is available on the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet, which can be obtained from your Recochem representative.

Protect the Environment

Take used coolant products to an authorised collection point. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water.

Extended Shelf Life

When kept sealed in the original shipping container and stored under cover, away from direct sunlight this product has a five year shelf life.


18 Kg, 180 Kg

Reco-Cool Multi-Fleet Pre-Diluted Coolant-TDS