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Shell Spirax S3 AX 85W-140


Shell Spirax S3 AX 85W-140

High Performance, GL-5 Axle Oil for General Applications

Shell Spirax S3 AX 85W-140 is a high performance, API GL-5 gear and axle oil for moderate to heavily loaded on and off-road driveline applications requiring SAE 85W-140 oil.

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Performance, Features & Benefits

·   Multiple vehicle applications

High performance fluid for API GL-5 applications that may require SAE 85W-140, 140, or 80W-140 fluids. May be used in some SAE 75W-140 applications where low temperature performance is not needed.

·   Longer oil drain capability

Long life additives ensure long-term protection of the gears and high oxidation resistance so providing extended drain capability.

·   Longer transmission life

Outstanding pitting, scoring and wear protection.

Main Applications

·   Automotive differentials

Automotive gearboxes, differentials and hypoid gear sets in motorcycle, passenger car, commercial vehicles, off-road construction and agricultural equipment.

·   General gear sets

Ancillary equipment gear sets and some industrial equipment.

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

  • MAN: 342 Type M1
  • ZF TE-ML: 07A, 16D, 21A
  • API Service Classification : GL-5
  • US Military : MIL-L-2105D
  • For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local Shell Technical Helpdesk.



19 Litres, 209 Litres

Shell Spirax S3 AX 85W-140-TDS